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Recherche de stage dans le domaine des SIG, relié de préférence à l'écologie et à la protection de l’environnement. Recherche de stage dans la géodésie ou dans la photogrammétrie.

Code CV : 58a4495733cc6635
Date de dernière connexion : 2017-12-04

Mademoiselle An... BE...
74350 Andilly

Métiers préparés : Métier de la géomatique Hydrograhie et Océanographie

Ecole: ENSG Paris
77420 Champs-sur-Marne

Cycle : Ingénieur 2eme année
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac
Dernier diplome : Bac scientifique Option biologie mention Trés Bien
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+3
Métiers préparés : Métier de la géomatique Hydrograhie et Océanographie
Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles en biologie
Durée du stage : 10 à 12 semaines
Début du stage :
2017-05-22 2017-08-06
Temps Plein Oui
Alternance Oui
Mobilité autour de votre lieu d'habitation : 100Km >> ...

Lettre de motivation

I am a second-year
student at l’ENSG (the French school of Geographic sciences) to Paris and I am searching an internship
from May till July, 2017 in the GIS field or in Photogrammetry. In deed during
the past two years my studies permit me to improve my GIS and remote sensing
skills. I look for an internship which permits me to connect GIS and Biology,
ecology or geography. Before going into an engineer school in geomatics my
program was especially centred towards the biology, I studied during three
years in a preparatory class for entrance to Grandes Ecoles in biology. With
The Nature Conservancy I can use my actual knowledge to help the protection of
the environment.

Various projects provided
me solid theoretical and field skills. Through these projects I was able to
improve my knowledge of several software but they also allowed me to play
various role in the project management. Recently the study of the fragmented
from Toledo in Spain, allowed me to connect GIS and the archaeology. That why I
try to study other applications of GIS.

Thanks to the field work I developed good contact skills which allow me to find my place within a team
but also to have an oral ease what helps with the sponsors but also with the
local population. However by working with a team I have learned to have creative
and useful suggestions while maintaining a constructive and convenient to the
work atmosphere.


2015 to date: Engineering student at the
French National School of Geomatics specialized in Geomatics Engineering

in 2018

Cartography; Geodesy; GIS; Photogrammetry; Remote Sensing; Spatial Analysis; Topometry; WebMapping; Database; Computer Programming; Scientific Programming; Positioning and

Projects: GIS research project– 14 weeks: Surching in medieval Tolède
plots data

former plans
calculation and history interpretation

Managed computer projects in Python – 5 weeks: Simulation, management of
a fire and its spread

and coded the required functionalities with comments
the architecture of the application and the man-machine interface
Development projects –5 weeks: Creation of a webpage joining a simple game

a page using html CSS
a game using PHP JavaScript

2012 – 2015: 3-year preparatory courses for
competitive examination to enter French engineering school,
specialized in Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chimistery.

June 2012: French High School diploma
specialized in sciences: subjects:Biology,
with honors (Grenoble area)

May-July 2016 : 10-week internship
at the French
Mapping Institute (Institut Géographique
National ): Fieldwork
in Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Topometry and Remote Sensing.
Personal project in a team of 4, during 2 weeks:
“Implementation and comparison of camera in urban zones and reconstruction of a
facade in 3D”
different type of camera•Tested
and compared of the results with MicMac and CloudCompare•Connected
the results profits obtained with the texture of the façade

Servals summer jobs in local authority or
in sport complex in customer relation.

Software: Gis(ArcGis, Qgis), Programming(Matlab,
MySQL, PyScripter,
Code::Blocks), Photogrammetry(MicMac,
CloudCompar, AperiCloud) Circé France, comp3D, Leica Geo Office,
pgAdmin, Easyphp.
PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Python,
UML, C++.
Languages: French(mother tongue), English(Business and technical
English of Geomatics, TOIEC,

Spanish (intermediate),
German (intermediate)

Sport – Swimming for 18 years,
took part in some
Horse riding for 13 years
completion and gave lessons
2 years of Basketball
Voluntary work –Volunteer in Le Petit Pays association
Participate in the organisation of event (Customer
relation, setting up the reception site)
Association (BDE) – event-management, treasury,

Travel–London, Edinburgh, Morocco, Tunisia,
Crete, Caribbean.


Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés : Sig(ArcGis, Qgis), Bonne maitrise Programation(Matlab, IDLE, PyScripter, Code::Blocks C++), Maitrise Base de donnée(MySQL,PGAdmin), Maitrise WEB(CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, DOM) Bonne Maîtrise Photogrammétrie(MicMac, CloudCompare, Apericloud) Bonne Maîtrise Android, Utilisation basique Open GL, niveau intermédiaire PAO InDeign Circé France, comp3D, Leica Geo, Microsoft Office,

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux :

Langues :
Anglais : Avancé
Espagnol : Intermédiaire
Allemand : Débutant

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